LAMPERTI Company was established in 1950's, age of industrial boom in Italy where existed a wide request for new machinery and technology.Production field had always been mechanic-textile; during 50 years LAMPERTI developed innovative and revolutionary technologies that completely changed way of working into textile finishing field.

A first example happened in 1969 when Mr. Mario Lamperti patented reversibility concept on raising machines on which was possible to automatically modify in an industrial way the passage and the processing of fabric on both faces in one passage only.This concept is still nowadays very much used as it allows to obtain a unique productivity and quality during entire raising process. In 1975 LAMPERTI developed mechanic simplifying on raising machines.It was first company who applied independent commands for each single rotating element of the machine; this revolutionary solution allowed to completely change raising concept and allowed to render raising machine totally flexible and suitable for the processing of every kind of article.The Company produced around 1000 machines of this innovative model.

In 1982 it was developed "GB Patent", nowadays still in force. It deals of a very revolutionary raising concept that allows to process both sides of fabric on one drum only. Nowadays are existing more than 600 machines of this model installed worldwide.In 1984 was designed first raising machine managed by microprocessors. Till that moment adjustment of raising machines was completely done by hand without any electronic control and production program.

The innovations developed and patented by the Company we have here above synthetically illustrated are some of the most important but not the only ones studied and designed. LAMPERTI is pioneer in innovation field as, solutions developed and adopted during the years, except those still under Patent, were and still are used from other manufacturers that in any case had to conform themselves and constantly run after new technologies developed from LAMPERTI. LAMPERTI's force was to constantly develop finishing field and, thanks to very good relationship established with its customers, to study and continuously apply new processing systems to always be leaders in machines reliability.A very important data: nowadays more than 5.000 LAMPERTI installations are running worldwide.

Another force-point was to always specialize ourselves in manufacturing of specific finishing machines so that to allow and proceed with up-grade in real time as they are strictly connected to continue technology development applied on products realized and depending on fibres continue evolution.
Present production range includes: RAISING, SHEARING, SUEDING (with emery paper or abrasive brush), BRUSHING, TYGERING, LUSTRING, and moreover complete lines for pile finishing such a velvets, blankets, synthetic furs, synthetic leather, carpets, home textile articles, interior decoration fabrics and embroidery. For Technical Assistance on produced machines, that it is considered strategically vital, LAMPERTI TEXTILE MACHINERY was first society in this field that created an independent unit from production department.

In this way clients will receive an immediate assistance and spare-parts in "real-time". It is through "Lamperti Technology & Service Srl" located in same workshop of LAMPERTI TEXTILE MACHINERY, in Lonate Pozzolo (Varese) on a covered surface of more than 4.000 square mt.

LAMPERTI TEXTILE MACHINERY is since some years in partnership with FERRARO S.p.A and it is managed by new Lamperti generation in the person of Mr. Antonio Lamperti, supported from a close and qualified team.